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    Went from Vista which has Windows Mail to windows 7 via a upgrade disk. Windows 7 has no mail program so ended up doing Windows Live Mail. Don't like doing cloud least when it is free. Never can trust those clouds at times yet if I paid for cloud computing I would not have an issue with it (plus would want it in writing the vendor does not mind my data files).

    Anyway, does the Palm Treo Pro come with any mail app in the box? Guessing not but thought I would ask before I open the box

    A bit on the fence -
    sprint sent a replacement pre (usb stress crack) and may still port my home line over to the Pro while keeping the pre and it's associated cell number already assigned to it.

    Pre is on Sprnt network and the unlocked Pro is GSM so would sign up with T-mobile and do the 100 minutes for a year plan. Guessing that winmobile, even though it is not the newest release on the Pro, will be heaven sent for an old Treo user like myself (even if not a Plam OS like the old days). Just seems for business purposes the Pro is more user friendly for pda functions then the Pre.

    I could be wrong on several accounts but that is what I'm guessing. The Pre does Exchange without issue though so I cannot fault Pre in that area. Notes & Catagories...Pre fails big time.
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    Yep, it comes with Pocket Outlook. Also you can download the Windows Live desktop client for your Windows 7 install. Mail - Windows Live

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