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    Does one have to have a data plan with Sprint in order for the wifi feature to work? I do have wireless access at work, in locations the single is strong enough and seems the winmobile os would be good for acess ms office files as well as pdf files and of course their ms exchange server email system.

    Have on order, did it yesterday, a treo pro (gms) from Dell gms phone. They had it for $200 special pricing and now may just decide to keep it and port my home number over to it.

    My pre has a large whole on the side of the slider top case by the usb port and did not figure Sprint would replace it but they agreed to (feel it is a design flaw ready).

    Besides the monthly phone fee, say for a basic plan, is there anydown side to keeping this unlocked phone? Does sprint care, beyond not making as much money monthly, if a customer uses a unlocked phone on their network? Do they limit in anyway the functions it can peform?

    Part of me wants to keep this treo pro once I get it since I'm not longer certain I can trust the build design quality of the pre and if, in 3 months, my new pre replacement has that same stress crack develop then I may just walk away from the pre and move my pre cell number over to the treo pro. Thinking might be better to spend the extra $100 now for the treo pro then pay $100 later by getting a replacement from sprint insuracne carrier and rolling the dice yet again.
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    Hi there, you can use the WiFi w/o a data plan, however if I understand you right you ordered an unlocked GSM Treo Pro. If this is correct you will not be able to use it with Sprint. Sprint uses CDMA & it is an entirely different technology from GSM.
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    guess it would have helped to check the basics on that point first I see. O'well guess I will go cancel that Dell order today before it ships out. Was lost in the trees since I saw it said Palm and thought sprint but of course Palm provides phones for other carrier use as well no doubt.

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed since I never really made note of what technology my phone uses...yes I know dumb but it was simply not something I gave a thought...but should have when buying online unlocked phones
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    Though come to think of it are there any carriers that just sell a package of minutes I could use this phone to sign up with? As opposed to buying a monthly phone minutes package?

    Since it is unlocked I would have to do a gms carrier (at&t maybe would be my guess but will go goolge and find out).

    If I kill my bundled dsl home phone all I want is to not lose that phone number since a few companies out there use it to contact me and I do not know/recall for sure which ones (mainly a few credit card companys that call once in a blue moon to tell me a large charge has been posted to my account to check on fraud charges...that sort of thing). Plus I just like keeping that number anyway since I have had it for since forever it seems.

    Too bad it could not be a backup phone should my next pre crack as well by that usb port.
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    ok, for U.S. it seems at&t and t-mobile might be it for gsm carriers. still it would be nice to buy just a package of minutes and not worry about a monthly bill or other fees until I used those minutes up if I got the treo pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by motor View Post
    ok, for U.S. it seems at&t and t-mobile might be it for gsm carriers. still it would be nice to buy just a package of minutes and not worry about a monthly bill or other fees until I used those minutes up if I got the treo pro
    Then you will be best to go with T-Mobile.

    AT&T's prepaid plans aren't the best by any means:

    $0.25/minute flat rate in Simple Rate by-the-minute with no possibility of discount. In order to get a by-the-minute discount you must up the plan and pay a daily access fee - no deal there. They do have a $60/month Unlimited Talk & Text add-on package but then $60/month is contract rates, isn't it?

    AT&T's next best deal is their Pick Your Plan base package of $29.99/month for 200 Anytime minutes with $0.15/minute thereafter, with no weekend minutes. Again, that's close to contract rates without the bonus of weekend minutes commonly included in contract plans. That isn't a great deal.

    With T-Mobile you get a sliding price structure depending upon the number of minutes you purchase in a lot:

    if you go by the "Pay As You Go" plan the price starts at $0.333/minute when you purchase a $10 refill. But if you purchase a $100 refill you get 1000 minutes ($0.10/minute) which do not expire for 365 days. There is also a "Pay By The Day" plan where you pay a $1/day access fee to get $0.10/minute.

    Therefore IMHO I would just go with the T-Mobile "Pay As You Go" plan and invest in $100 refill increments. You will probably spend $100/year, if not more, so to make the up-front investment in order to get the best per-minute rate makes sense as you have a year to use the minutes and therefore will not lose your investment due to expiration. It makes no sense to pay $1/day just to get the same rate that you can get if you preinvest $100, as part of your investment is going to pay for the daily charge rather than going exclusively to air time.

    Prepaid cell phone, GoPhone® - Wireless from AT&T

    Prepaid Calling Plans: T-Mobile Pay As You Go

    Note that the companies charge prepaid customers a fee for data usage including texts - texts usually range from $0.05 to $0.10 each, with internet access usually at $0.01/Kb. That $0.01/Kb doesn't sound like much but viewing a desktop version of eBay's front page, for example, is 125Kb making the viewing of such a page $1.25. That adds up REAL quick. Even the mobile version of eBay is 21Kb, thereby costing you $0.21 just for a mostly-text page. 0.0

    Also note one other clause: prepaid customers are roaming restricted (isn't that nice of them? ). Check the prepaid coverage maps to make sure this works out for your needs before you need it.
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    I bought an unlocked Treo Pro and use it with my AT&T account and they don't even know about my using a Pro. All I did was ask for a minimum Data Plan and I got Internet connection thru AT&T without a problem. WiFi does not use the cell tower. When I turn on WiFi, it uses my wireless router that is connected to my Cox Cable Internet connection.

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