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    I have usb 2 cables for my treo pro, one that came in the box, and another one is a mini-usb cable and I am using mini-to-micro usb adapter to connect my treo pro to my PC. When using OEM cable - which is for home, everything syncs and works fine, but with cable made my using adapter - one I use when I am on the road, treo pro charges fine, but PC doesn't detect it, so I cant activesync or transfer files using this arrangement. Has anyone else experienced such problem? Any solutions?
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    I think you need to trouble shoot the cables and connections. Try both cables and connections on both computers to verify that it is actually the adapter and not the computer you use on the road. If the road computer has worked before or works with your home cable then you just found out that it is the adapter set up.

    If I were a betting person I would say there is a connection issue with the adapter. Different pins charge and send data, etc.

    Good luck.
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    Same thing happened to me. I use the cable provided by palm to connect the treo pro to the pc. I use a micro adapter for charging from a wall outlet.

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