I received notification that a great program I had with my Centro and PalmOS has now come to the Windows Mobile platform and I wanted to make sure that people here knew about it. HiLauncher is now out for Windows Mobile Devices.

This was one of the most useful programs on my Centro and I could not wait to get it on my Treo Pro. Basically it is a replacement for the standard WM Start Menu, but it does a whole lot more. In addition to simply placing program shortcuts in the menu, HiLauncher allows you place such things as subfolders, settings links, URL links, contacts, device information (date, tmie, battery, memory, etc.), toggles (radio, wifi, bluetooth, etc.), plus more!

When you get started installing the software you are given the options to start with a blank menu, start with a sample menu, or mimic the existing start menu. The third option is great as you can start using HiLauncher just as you used the original start menu and then start customizing from there! They have a built in editor to easily customize the menu any way you want it.

I am not an employee of the company that makes HiLauncher, I just really loved this program on my Centro and I can already tell you it has become my number one application on my Treo Pro. Give the trial a try if you are interested.