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    I have a Treo Pro.

    I ordered a Duracell Instant Power Charger for usb devices. Item model number: DR7000LI.

    I charged it completely, but my treo pro won't start charging with it. I used the original Treo Pro charger as well. Has anyone got this portable charger to work with the treo pro? If not, is there any portable charger that will work with this phone?
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    From what you wrote it sounds like, although the Duracell was plugged in it actually did not charge/power the Treo Pro.

    If that is true then the problem is that the Duracell does not short out the USB D+ pin to ground to enable the phone to detect that it is plugged into a "dumb", non-data charging-only device. It's a common issue and one I'm dealing with myself with Belkin's dual-USB charger - the Belkin will only charge most phones when using a specific cord, one that shorts the D+ pin (actually, from my reading it's 10K ohm to ground) to get the phone to go into "full power charging" mode.

    Sounds like you have the same 2 choices I have with the Belkin:

    1: get a USB cable that pulls D+ down to ground internally, like

    Rocketfish - Rocketfish USB Charging Cable for Select Motorola Cell Phones

    The Rocketfish USB charging cable. Note it only does charging, no data, as the D+ is grounded internally. That's the different between the necessary cable and a regular micro USB. I'm using it and it does indeed work. Available at Best Buy and eBay (huge cost difference, but of course Best Buy is get-it-now)

    2: Make a cable, or cable adapter, yourself. I am also going this route and am making a short adapter cable out of a 1ft extension and the necessary (10K) resistor. This way I (should) be able to use any micro USB cable of my choosing by first plugging it into the modded cable.

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