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    hello all.. I just recently upgraded from a Treo 700p to the new Pro and of course left my old software behind on the Palm OS system.

    Does anyone know of a decent checkbook program for the Palm Pro?

    About the only way I can discipline myself to keep track of checks (or Cheques)..

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    There is. SPB (Reviews & Awards SPB Finance Pocket PC Software SPB Software) and Pocket Quicken (Pocket Quicken). The main issue with these applications is the inability to edit the files after transferring to the desktop. I have licenses for both Pocket Quicken Palm and WM and no longer use them. If you are a HanDBase user there are a number of applets that provide this functionality.
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    Appreciate your reply. Those programs you mentioned look very good but all I really need is a simple checkbook program so that I can throw out the written register and just keep track of who I wrote cheques to and to keep a record that I did in fact send out a cheque. These two appear to be for more financial record keeping and as I am retired.. don't do that too much anymore... Thank you though
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    Take a look at Splash Money.
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    What about downloading a check book register excel sheet from to your PC, syncing to the Treo Pro and then editing on the Treo Pro?

    I've done this on my Centro using Docs to go to access the excel sheet.
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    I took a look at SplashMoney and if I was still working or travelling a lot on business, it might just fit what I need but I really only need something to keep a record of the cheques I write so, using the comment about the checkbook register from Microsoft I have done something similar to that and I'll keep it simple for me (no jokes now)

    Again appreciate the time all spent in recommending various things to do..

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