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    Well, last night I set a password on my phone before I went to sleep and now I totally forgot it. I been trying different numbers and the time keeps getting higher -_-. Please tell me theres something I can do instead of a hard reset. I tried calling sprint, but due to the holiday they are closed. Please somebody help!!!!
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    We can only tell you the bad news - hard reset.
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    I read this the other day...I wonder if there is some sort of Mater password from microsoft. or something of the sort. I would be a little reluctant to do a hard reset. I wonder if activesync would work if locked. if so..try it n back ur **** up!
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    Update: Went to the sprint store and they told me the only thing they can do is a hard reset. I tried to back my stuff up and active sync is telling me to unlock the phone the in order to use it. Im not gonna give up there has to be something I can do! Let this be a lesson dont forget your password, like me.. -_-

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