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    I'm in a situation where I may need to allow one of my children to use my old treo 800W for a while anyway. I know. It's way too much phone for a 14 year old, but it's what I have at the moment.

    That said...

    Does anyone know if there is a way to disable WiFi capabilities in Windows Mobile on the 800w within the registry or something similar? Call me a controlling jerk if you want, but I don't like my children having unlimited access to the internet and there are too many people out there that don't secure their home wireless routers.

    Please help, or I'm gonna have to go buy a stinking new phone...
    <-Jumping ship on the Palm Pre and getting the HTC EVO...So far that's the 650, 800w, the Pro, Pre and soon the HTC EVO...
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    im looking around...when do u have to know by.
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    There is no rush. Thank you for looking. I googled and binged it for a while. Unfortunately, the only place I have seen anything helpful ar the paid tech solution sites. Even those seemed to be based on windows OS not Windows Mobile. And I don't have accounts for those sites... Yet.
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    Wi-Fi Registry Settings

    this info could be useful..with this im sure u could stick keys in there that would make it un connectable.

    windowsce platbuilder Disable Zero Config in Windows Mobile 5.0

    this one looks like it'll also help. it disables zero config...unless ur kids are geniuses chances r wouldn't be able to get online.

    another thought would be deleting all the internet explorer shortcuts also deleting file explorer links. thered be no way they could get on.

    hope this helps
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    All good suggestions. Thank you for helping. I'll look into those when I get home from work today.
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    no problem. bored at work myself lol
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    supergman is really a good guy lol

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