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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Too Late,
    I've already bought them all up.
    No you didn't, I may have one for sell; I just moved to a BB Onyx.
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    i'm up there with the old eyes comment-this phone is darn near perfect-except i can hardly see my notifictions!
    i'd go to the pre. i'm still a palm girl, and i'd just have to figure out how to live without a 5-way button.
    WHEW HEW! What a ride!
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    Going a bit further. I am on my 2nd Touch Pro 2 due to over heating and locking up. The 2nd one, a week old is doing the same thing. If this cannot be resolved then it is off to something like the Moment. I lost 2 files yesterday due to 2 lockups.
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