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    My 800w has been flashed to work on the Cricket network and I'm having problems getting the GPS to function. It just doesn't seem to want to find satellites no matter what program I use (Googlemaps, etc.) and won't even locate anything looking at the ##GPS# menu. I understand the standalone/aGPS issue but I need some help troubleshooting what's going on here. I've tried the fix using QPST but I've still got nothing. The PDE fields don't stick for whatever reason when I try to point it to a server. Is there a registry setting that I need to change somewhere? I'm wondering if something got switched off or deleted with the flash to Cricket. Is there a list of all the relevant GPS registry settings somewhere specifically for the 800w that someone could point me to? Thanks
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    the 800w has an assisted gps. meaning sprint had a lot to do with the gps. that's why it won't work. sorry pal. say bye bye to gps features.
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    still i can't use my gps in china
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    me too
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    Son of a B, and I was just getting ready to pack up and move to China. Well that's all shot to Hell. No GPS, no go.

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