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    I just bought a Treo Pro. I'm coming from a Treo 700wx on Sprint. I have had a BSE on the device since purchase. I usually kept the phone in my pocket and the BSE saved the phone from many scratches. I had bought a Seidio case for the 700wx, but it wouldn't fit over the BSE.

    Thus, I am looking for a definitive answer on whether or not the Innocase II will fit over an installed BSE on the Treo Pro. Is the BSE even necessary? Thanks in advance.
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    It fits over my invisible shield, but it's tight.
    Currently using a Treo Pro with Seidio's holster.
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    If by BSE you mean Best Skins Ever then yes it does. I have been using them under my Innocase II on my Pro since May. Works perfectly and I haven't had to replace my BSE the whole time. Definitely the recommended solution for Pro owners!
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    Thanks for the information! I already have the innocase combo and I'll get a BSE on order.

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