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    I am gonna keep the phone in jeans pocket with/without innocase. I am looking for a all-around protection for the phone from scratches. I think a full-body transparent skin like BodyGuardz is best solution for this. But I have also heard BodyGuardz leave air trapped easily and can take days before it dries. So I am considering other similar skins.
    Can you recommend me a good screen/back protector! I want something thats smooth and frictionless to write on, provides reasonable grip, comes off clean and easy, and is fully transparent.
    I have read quite a lot about Best Skin Ever and read some positive reviews about Brando UltraClear (can somebody confirm if brando is full-body s/p or just front?). Someone said brando has a better fit and is more clear. What is your experience with these?Which one fits better with innocase II? Which one is easier to keep clean since I have a super oily face and screen smudges every time I take phone to my ear.
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    My vote is for invisible shield. They send you a replacement should it go bad. Sliding it in and out of your pocket will eventually cause it to lift off no matter which brand you use. Better to get one with free replacements. I've replaced mine, no questions asked.
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  3. #3 Get Clear Armor. Watch the video. Easy install.
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    Hi - just my experience. I decided on this from day one with my new pro. I carefuly kept my keys & coins in one pocket and my Treo in the other with handkerchiefs.

    However after 4 months a dust "plume" developed from the bottom of the screen upwards - similar to that when crashing a rocket into the lunar surface (except smaller and without the water!)

    This is anoying and others have discussed "dust under screen" elsewhere.

    I wish that I had never kept it in my pocket now. I wish that I bad bought a side / horizontal pouch that I now have on my belt for the treo. I am fed up that the dust is there now and I can not remove it.

    Sorry to be negative - but this is just my experience and hope that this post is valuable to you..... Raphael.
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    Thanks for sharing it Raphael. When you say "dust under screen", does it mean dust under the glass or under the screen protector? Also, I dont mind keeping the phone on belt clip, but then I am always scared it would catch onto something and fall off. Jeans pocket seems like the safest place from fall, but now your concern has got me concerned... Maybe I should keep the phone in a sleeve before putting in pocket.
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    the dust gets between the top glass screen that we touch and the underneath lcd screen. I have not dared to try to dis-assemble the phone.

    I actually use disposable paper handkerchiefs, not cotton washable ones. There may be unusual ammounts of dust lint in my pockets.

    link to the forum post is here "dust under screen"

    thanks for quick reply, good luck. R
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    I have been using Best Skins Ever plus Innocase II since Day one (got Pro in May). I like not having to keep the Innocase on when I just want to throw my phone in my jeans and not worry about my Pro. The BSE is EXCELLENT protection for me and you don't even notice it on. It is especially nice to know that you have front screen protection when you DO have the Innocase on the Pro.

    In fact, I like the BSE so much that I got one for my wife's Centro, my PSP, my Kindle, etc. The cheap price makes them hard to resist too.
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    I want to second the Invisible Skin by That thing is awesome. I tried one a few years ago for my Treo 650, moved to another device, and even bought one for my Ipod, PSP, camera, current STP and anything else they cover.

    Those things are just amazing. Virtually impossible to damage, and if you do manage to do it, they will just replace it. It's amazing. Seriously can't go wrong with them.


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