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    I have been using Pocket Express for many years on many different phones for free.

    When it was updated recently on my Treo Pro, some features are not free any more, ie. phone number look up. Has anyone else seen this.
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    That's the way it's always been. They offer a free trial of their extra services (I believe 14 days).
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    Pocket Express is not worth it anymore. Only thing worth a damnis the TV Guide app, and that is a stand alone program.
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    upgrading to the new pocket express killed my TP twice (had to hard reset both times) :/
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    I updated my HTC Touch and every thing is still free.
    But for me the TV Guide program has mot worked for months.
    Originaly did you go to their web site and get the "Free" app, about a year ago they started giving it away for free, but you cannot upgrade the one that came with the phone to the free program, you have to down load the free cab.

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