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    Does anyone know which one is better - Office Mobile, or Documents to Go?
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    Office Mobile came with my Pro so I haven't tried DTG.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have and do use both and have since the 800W. Office Mobile has no issues to speak of - it works very well. DTG though has a few. I have used in on the 800W, Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2.

    On the 800W - the formula line - the characters in the formula line are not completely displayed - the lower part cut off.

    Entering a formula takes a bit more work with DTG.

    On the Touch Pro and TP2: works for a while and then the screen gets messed up. You gotta save your work (I always do it manually), exit the application using the "X" in the corner and then restart the application. "X" allows you to restart with the file you were working on and normally at the same spot. Closing the application normally means you just gotta select the file for playing with. Regardless of how Exslam is exited, you gotta select the file and start from the beginning.

    On both the TP and TP2 there are times the characters are not contrasted well - making it difficult to see.

    Selecting the entire screen with Excel means you get bunches of real estate - the numbers on the left are gone, et cetera. The same option with DTG means you still get to see the numbers on the left. Dang.

    I do like the search option with DTG - really easier to use.

    The advantage to having both: you can have an Excel spreadsheet open and a DTG spreadsheet open at the same time (as long as they are not the same sheet).

    I often have 2 spreadsheets open. As for the Treo Pro - no experience there.
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    I have used both as well. But I don't currently have DTG on my TP; I find Office Mobile does what I need, uses less memory, and what I really like is there is no conversion by the software (like DTG does). That is, a word doc needs nothing to be used by Office Mobile.

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