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    I am demoing a Touch Pro 2 & deciding how i like it. I am getting used to it. The one thing that came in very handy the other day was the wifi tethering app that installs into the connections tab area.

    I am not 100% sure about the touch pro 2 & I am thinking of going back to the regular treo pro but I wanted to know if there is a very easy way to get wifi working as a hotspot.

    I have used the BT internet sharing but its easier to use wifi.

    Any suggestions?

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    Wifi tethering drains much more battery life than BT tethering. I use WMWifirouter with my Treo Pro and if i'm out and about with my laptop i prefer to tether via BT or via USB cable. If i'm out and about with my iPod Touch then i tether via WiFi but battery drains very quickly. Btw, WMWiFirouter is not a free app (solution) but i prefer it.

    Side note, i had the Touch Pro 2 as well ever so briefly and used the WiFi tether app as well and for some reason if i turned off the screen on the TP2 (to save some battery life), the tethering would cut off. I never have this issue using WMWifirouter on my Treo Pro. Basically on my Treo Pro the moment i turn on WMWIFIrouter, i turn off the screen. Another reason i didn't keep the TP2 was that it took me too many steps just to do things that i do in a snap with the Treo Pro amongst other quirks.
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    I got TP2 now and I still use WMWifirouter and it works on Treo Pro and yes HTC give out a free one.
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