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    I am experience couple of issues with my treo pro, and wanted to ask you guys if you had any similar experiences with your device. For some reason, sometimes the camera screen turns dark as if the brightness has been turned way low or as if I am trying to take picture in dark room. Only solution to the problem is a soft reset. Rest of the applications and phone screen stays as normal brightness. This has happened couple of times and I cant recreate the problem on my own.
    Second one has to charging the device. I have two USB cables, one that came with the device, and one is aftermarket. Similarly, I have two AC-USB adapters - one that came inside box and one is aftermarket. Upon connecting the device to PC or aftermarket AC adapter using Palm USB cable, battery shows charging icon, but it infact loses charge (battery keeps draining), but charges fine if connected to Palm's AC adapter. On the other hand if I use aftermarket USB cable, treo pro charges as normal from all sources (PC/both ac adapters), but then it doesn't sync with PC. Even when phone does get charged, it never reached 100% no matter how long the phone was connected to power source. It stops at 98%. I dont know whats the issue.
    Has anyone else ever experienced such behavior?
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