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    I notice that my GSM TP gets quite hot while charging, especially around battery, center D-pad button, keyboard and screen. Well, it doesnt get as hot as my notebook would, but its enough to make holding it uncomfortable. I mostly charge through computer USB port, but yesterday I noticed for first time it got similar hot while charging in car. Did anyone else here experience similar heating of phone while charging. or this is one of those another things wrong with my treo pro??

    Also, is it normal for treo pro to charge slowly. I havn't measured what is the total charging time for TP, but it takes quite a few hours to fill its juice tanks when it goes empty, whereas my treo 750 could top off the charge in less than 90 minutes starting from zero.
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    My STP will get a little warm if I am charging and streaming media at the same time, after a while, but not what I would call hot. As for charging times, when charging via USB port on the computer, it does take a much longer time to charge than if I am using the wall charger. I can go from low (around 20%) to full in about 45 minutes to an hour I suppose.

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