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    Although I asked same question in another thread with similar problem, but I found this on XDA-dev afterwards, so I thought I would start another thread to ask you guys who are using Treo Pro GPS if its true that its not possible to change hardware port and baud rate on treo pro? I have been trying to do this for past 5 days, and every time I press OK, any changes made to hardware port and baud rate reset to "none" and 4800 respectively. The thread that I mention here talks about HTC Touch HD phone not being able to adjust these settings, and since TP is also made by HTC, I wonder if those problems are got carried over to Treo Pro.
    My GSM Treo Pro's GPS is nearly useless. On google maps, it sometimes take more than 10 minutes after using quickgps with still no lock, and the iGo I got cant even detect the GPS. This is the more interesting part - if I keep the "Manage GPS Automatically" unchecked, GPS doesn't work, but if I check it and go to iGo settings to manually enter hardware port and baud rate, whole phone freezes up. I just want to get my GPS working. Any idea what can I try??

    UPDATE: I got around the issue of device freezing up by using GPSGate. Great program. GPSTest is also helpful in getting the device warmed up. Thanks to this forum and its members.
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