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    Today, when I bring up Kinoma FreePlay, it hangs up at the Menu, and freezes the entire phone. Even if I "X" Kinoma off, the whole phone gets VERY SLOW.

    Do I need to replace Kinoma? If so, how?

    BTW, is there a way to clear all my "Temp" files and browsing trash from internet surfing that may be hogging memory, like we could on the 700WX?

    Thanks so much to you all!
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    To delete history and files associated with internet usage in Pocket IE. Open up the program, click menu, go to options, down the bottom are some tabs, go to memory and then you should have the option to clear your history and delete files.

    As for Kinoma, I have Kinoma Play and I know - on my phone - that it doesn't play nicely with Elecont launcher. I'm not sure why, but I can't edit elecont launcher while Kinoma is still active.

    Do you have some conflict between programs? You could try reinstalling Kinoma Freeplay...not sure what good it'll do but it's worth a try. Others will know what to do better than I will.

    I either reinstall programs or uninstall everything and add everything one by one to see where the problem is occuring.
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    Today, when I bring up Kinoma FreePlay, it hangs up at the Menu...
    In case you didn't see this: Kinoma FreePlay Stuck - Freezes Phone - Kinoma Forum

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