On my treo 750, under "remove programs" programs were sorted in order they were installed. In many ways I liked that arrangement. If I installed a program and it turned out buggy, I just go and uninstall the one right on the top of the list. On treo pro, it sorts the programs alphabetically. Which is kind of becoming an issue for me since not all programs are listed by their own name and some of the programs start with the name of the developer. So in a tiny window, with more than 20 apps installed, I need to take out stylus and do lot of scrolling reading the name of every app because I dont know if the app I am looking for is listed by the develop's name or its own name. So does anyone know of a way or registry edit to list the programs in order they were installed??

Also, I am noticing when scrolling down in "remove program" window using D-Pad, it goes on and highlight every app that I press center button on. Does that mean it can select multiple programs and uninstall all of them at once??