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    So recently I've begun to notice that typing on my Treo 800w was slow and a lot of times it missed characters that I had entered on the keypad. This was really annoying, especially when attempting to reply to an email or text message and then having to spend time checking the message to make sure it didn't miss letters/numbers that I typed - not to mention that I typed faster than it seemed to be able to keep up with and so I had to slow down and this led to me forgetting half of the stuff I wanted to type a lot of times.

    I decided to do a little experimenting, and turned off the word completion functionality (which I almost never use) and lo and behold, it seemed faster! I imagine there are people who use this feature and so disabling it wouldn't be an option, but it just seems as if this is a possible optimization for the Treo.

    Anyone else have any good optimization tips?
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    overclock. risky..I did it on old wm5 I had. was a 600mhz processor I overclocked to 1.0 ghz. just to see. didn't notice a difference. but all programs that read processor speed did recognize it as 1.0 ghz. from my knowledge its a little risky and can burn ur processor up. keep ur memeory on the pda clean and mostly empty. I install all on sd card. theres a few programs that can move .dll's to save more space..won't make a difference and not worth the hassle.

    what confuses me...4 years ago they had ppc's that had 700 mhz processors...I think that axim x50v and one of the ipaqs had one that fast. the x50v specs were amazing. best I've ever seen..they should made it a phone.

    300mb ram/user storage
    16mb graphic card VGA 640x480 res
    sd and compact flash slot..soooooooooo useful.
    bluetooth/wifi/extended range IR

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