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    I have a treo pro. It was bought back in may of this year from bestbuy. It developed couple of cracks, so I called palm's corporate number today, but the guy gave me a service request number and asked to call front line tech support for non-corporate customers. I called them, and they checked my devices serial number in database, and found that it was among the first batch of treo's that shipped last year and had the cracks issue. The lady said they cant help me because even though palm is aware of the issue, since my device is among the first batch of treo pro's manufactured, they cant provide me support as palm has already addressed the issue. She said I should talk to best buy if they can do something about it. It makes so sense at all. Just because my treo was manufactured one year ago, I still bought it only 5 months ago and am still under warranty. Thats not my fault that Bestbuy sold me first batch treo pro. What should I do?? What can I tell them to take my request for device replacement?
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    Kinda depends on what they said in the "addressed the issue."

    Did they mean that palm has told customers to go back to BB?

    Contact BB and see what they have to say... really, if you purchased from them 5 months ago... see what they say.

    But you left something out... the convo of "already addressed" seems odd... what was that?

    They denied me service since I purchased the device from Ebay... I thought that was BS, but whatever. No way the device was over a year old....
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    if you paid with credit card u are in luck, credit card companies automatically double manufactures warranty, so make a claim with them about the cracks as a warranty issue and they will investigate issue takes 5 business days, then usually give out a refund or replace the item if they side with you. or u can just do a chargeback on the claims that palm is not honoring the warranty.
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