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    HI all,
    Been a while since I posted. Have been very happy with my red Centro - only had to swap it out once because the infra red port wasn't working. But have a ton of apps loaded, a 4gb car and the Sprint Simply Everything plan. My contract is available for an upgrade and of course this puts a bug in my ear about getting something similar but offering :more". Need some input from folks who've been using the Tre Pro. I'm farily certain the Pink Centro will be pretty much identical to my Red one just like the thought of more memory and a few goodies offered on the newer model.

    I have a new job and this has expanded my use of excel and word files - although I have paid for the V11 of Docs to go - I'm wondering if the inherent windows mobile on the Treo Pro offers abenefits DOcs to go Doesn't - like faster loading of files, no translating needed - etc and full performance of Power Point?

    The slightly larger screen may offer more readability - but the resolution doesn't seem as "clear" as the Centro screen.

    I've used regular windows mobile in the past on an Ipaq device and a Palm Top Jornada which just frustrated me to no end - hence the switch to Palm devices. So has the influx of Palm with Windows Mobile helped?

    NO, I do NOT want a PRE - I use the video capability on the Centro quite a bit; I'm not thrilled with the slider to access a keyboard and the unit feels awkward in my hand when testing them; you cannot edit - only view documents and the real kicker is - having a finite storage capacity is NOT ideal when dealing with PDAs (which the device is - past the phone usage).
    UNless the Pixie addresses those issues also- it will not be the device for me.

    I'm impressed that the Treo Pro can utilize a 32 GB card and would be willing to invest in one just to have a huge chunk of my data located and usable from one point.

    Has anyone used their Treo Pro as an access point to an external hard drive?

    Things that make me hesitate for the Treo Pro are the loss of the Palm calendar - and being forced to use Outlook as my PIM handler. Other than that the added wifi is a plus.

    So any input from those in the know would be appreciated - I've been browsing the forums and the overall feel is that most folks are fairly pleased with their Treo Pro.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I've never had a Centro, so I can't really make a comparison. But I've been using a GSM Treo Pro for a year. Until I got AT&T's version of the Touch Pro 2, it's been the best phone I've had, hands down.
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    I had a Telstra Centro for all of about 2 weeks before I headed back for my Treo 750. Then a couple of months later I had the opportunity to upgrade to a Treo, which I thought was my dream phone at the time. I recently had the chance to get an's sitting still unwrapped in its box. I can't bear the thought of parting with my Treo Pro.

    I had the Palm OS for years before I got the Pro. But I found after using WinMob that I couldn't go back to Palm. The added functionatlity and the ability to have a super fast internet connection was great. My Treo Pro runs on the Next G network. My Centro ran on the dual-band GSM network which to me is just ridiculous as 3G is a basic must have here (in Australia).

    Native Doc and excel is fantastic. I am heavy on document use and carry many books around in txt format. I have typed up entire stores/uni papers on my Treo (I've been *that* bored during uni lectures, yes). I too use the video capabilities of the phone and I think they're on par with the my opinion.

    I use a 4Gb card and it holds enough for me right now. I use Kinoma Play for media these days. I just got it actually and am loving being able to just use my ipod vids and music through it. I believe Kinoma Play has access to an external harddrive, but I've never used it. Data in Australia is astronomically priced and it's just not worth it. I use Wifi at home which is great. I also use a friend's network (she hasn't added any security to it so it's easy to log on...I'll tell her one day).

    I missed the Palm calendar when I first switched over too. I hated Outlook, but now I use it for everything. Once you get used to it, I think it's quite good. I like having everything in the one program.

    One of the biggest things I struggled with when swapping from Centro to TP was the loss of all of my programs. I missed ZLauncher, Docs to Go, games etc. I was so used to them, and even though the Pro did many of the same things without additional programs needed, I still felt slightly disconnected and like I couldn't ever warm up to the device. But, I persisted, I found equivalent programs, I read the forums, I installed StyleTap, and now I couldn't be happier. The Treo Pro is the best phone I've ever exaggeration. I just turned down a 32Gb iphone in order to keep my Treo I guess that's saying something.
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    Oh I should also mention that GPS on the Treo works like a dream. I use whereis navigator with it. The subscription is decent for the way I use GPS($4 per day, subscribe for 24 hours whenever you need to, all data costs included, otherwise there are monthly plans if you use it more often than not etc).
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    No matter what you hear... bottom line is:

    GSM: Treo Pro is your choice. With winmob the touch pro2 should be a consideration.... even more if you want screen space (spreadsheets, etc).

    CDMA (Sprint): Centro is your choice. Due to the missing calls issue, treo pro should not be your list (with sprint!). Again, Touch pro 2 is a great winmob phone on sprint (I have one). I owned a sprint treo pro... still own several Palm devices... treo pro has issues.

    In the form of the centro or treo pro I would go for a HTC snap. No wifi... but I've not been where I really needed wifi... nice option to have though. The intrepid looks good on paper, but mal stated it has bad reception... I trust his reviews... but might have tried the phone myself, just in case. Never know.
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    Thanks JavaJunkie! Your insight is very much appreciated! I've been to several forums and reading several spec n tech articles on the Treo Pro. Am peprlexed that some indicate the Treo Pro only will read an 8GB card and others that say up to 32Gb will work. The device I handled at the Sprint store listed 32GB. Also some spec sheets only mention the still picture capabilities - but no video - it CAN take video right? I didn't even test that at the store - just sort of assumed it did.

    Theog, Am curious if your issues with Treo Pro and sprint are particular to your area? I'm in Central Florida and had HORRIBLE issues with reception no matter what device I used when I was with Cingular/Att/Bell South Mobility. When I finally got out from under their foot I tried Verizon but Sprint offered better reception in a side by side comparison! In my area Sprint has definitely won over all other carriers. But you've given me more research to do.

    I suppose if I'm willing to take the plunge to WinMobile - maybe looking at other devices will help - although I LIKE the form factor of the Treo Pro, I LIKE the keyboard (thumb-board) - never have been a fan of slide outs or on screen keyboards.

    Will keep researching and listening to those with experience!
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    Yes, the TP can certainly do video. I just recorded my daughter's spelling bee loss (and the resulting temper tantrum lol) with my TP.

    I think you definitely need to take on board any advice re: carriers and devices too. I don't live in the US, we don't have CDMA here anymore - it was phased out a few years ago - taken over by Next G (3.5?). But there are carrier preferences and devices that work better with one carrier or another, so make sure you do your homework with that issue too.

    If you think you can't live without some Palm OS apps, install Style Tap. That was the biggest turning point for me. It eased the transition for me, and while I still have it and use a few Palm OS program, I use mostly Win Mob apps now. Couldn't be happier with my Treo Pro.

    Let us know what you end up going with. I just wish the TP would come in the Centro pink!
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    Me again, still on my quest - damn fence rail is giving me splinters! I located a "Vibrant Rose" Centro NIB at a Sprint store relatively close to me. And of course they still have treo Pros available. I played with the Pixie, the Pre and the treo Pro that day and still think I'll wait until the WebOS devices offer wifi AND video AND in the "candy bar" format. Definitely prefe that style to the slide outs and like the thinness of the Pixie, but it WAS sluggish.

    Got a question for the Treo Pro users - do any of you utilize Microsoft's Onenote with your device? I've just started using Onenote on my tablet PC and am rather impressed with this program. Its supposed to be able to maintain updates to the notebooks via the WM device - I might lean more towardt the Treo Pro if others have insight into this compatability ( or lack of).

    One thing I've noticed is that it appears as if the Centro screen is more crisp than the Treo Pro - is this an actual reality or just a perception?is there some difference in the rendering of the graphics?

    Much as want a pocket device to consolidate things - this screen vibrance may be the deal breaker.

    My last WM device - an ipaq 6925 had very poor resolution, especially compared tot he Centro. AM I just prejudiced or does the Treo Pro also lack the clarity and brilliance of the Centro"s screen?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I had a Centro for several months, then gave it up for a Treo Pro. The Centro has a big user base and you can find many programs for it. It is quick at switching programs, and I liked how compact it felt. But, it doesn't multitask without some help from 3rd party software. Also, no WiFi was annoying. I also like having a today screen on Windows Mobile; I can launch programs, picture dial, see my next appointments, and view the status of my phone and alarms all on the today screen (took some tweeking, though!). I sold the Centro, and I won't be going back. Good luck.
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    Theog makes a valid point.
    The Gsm Treo Pro gets lots of praises.
    But the Cdma (Sprint) Treo Pro has had too many 'missed calls' reports from too many reliable T|C members to ignore. If you do try the Cdma (Sprint) Treo Pro, and have any issues, by all means return it before your 30 days is up.
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    I have a Sprint Treo Pro, my partner has a Sprint Centro.

    If you want:

    - ease of use
    - compact size
    - organizer abilities
    - Wi-fi not important
    - modest internet use

    the Centro is your ticket. Most important attribute: ease of use. With the PalmOS that cannot be underestimated - it is wonderfully pleasant and easy to do things with, but that is due to a platform that is limited as compared to WinMo, Android, WebOS and others.

    If you want:

    - powerful, almost infinitely expandable platform
    - business-style applications and interfaces
    - Wi-fi
    - frequent internet use, including multiple browser options for personal choice
    - Microsoft Exchange functionality / 'push' email

    you want WinMo. But the Treo Pro is indeed larger, with a heavier learning curve.

    In other words, based upon my own experiences:

    Centro: personal organization
    Treo Pro: outside communications and interoperability

    Which one is your need?
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    Actually, I almost forgot! There is a REALLY good option you should seriously consider:

    Palm Cell Phones

    The brand-new Palm Pixi, purchased through LetsTalk via Wal-Mart. All of $22.99 with new contract! Hey, a $23 how can you go wrong? Most of the power of a Pre but without Wi-fi, think of it as the NeuCentro.
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    I have both phones. Actually, my wife has a Centro, I have a Treo Pro (GSM both).

    I work for a large corporation. The fact that the Pro has WM on board makes my life much easier, thanks to a very good Outlook integration and Office document handling.

    I have also used my Pro (via a Red Fly Celio) to access info on USB sticks, but in principle this should also work to access an external USB HDD. You need however a special dongle from microUSB to USB type A (not sure how easy is to get one though).

    The Centro is a very simple, no frills device. I'd recommend it if you are OK with it and carrying a phone that behaves like a PC scares you. I am used to the Palm OS platform as I had a Treo 600 and 700p before, so I know of its limitations and capabilities. However, there's something to be said about the lack of multitasking in the Palm OS. You really don't know how good it is until you use a device that has it (such as the Treo Pro).

    My bottom line: Make the jump to the Pro. Certainly Windows Mobile is daunting, but the tweaks that Palm did under the hood of the Pro make it easy for a Palm OS owner to get a somewhat easy entry into the WM arena.
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    Some great points on both sides!

    I know I've become super comfy with the Centro platform it is Soooo easy to operate!

    With my job change this year I've been utilizing windows office programs much more and have been forcing myself to use Outlook.

    I've been able to use Docs to go of course on the Centro, but now using OneNote for a personal project - am intrigued that the Treo Pro may be a device that can coordinate this program with my PC.

    I'm not afraid of using "pocket PC Devices - having started many moons ago with an HP 620 LX Palm Top (clam shell) device in my business.

    ThSo far the only possible draw back to the Treo Pro would be dealing with the screen resolution and the possibility that reception for that device in my area may prove problematic. So far though the Centro has been far superior to the multitude of GSM devices I used when on ATT/Cingular. But there IS the thirty day use period to determine any issues.

    I suppose I could suffer with a bland black device and maybe getting a colored cover would be a way to brightn the device.WE live in a colorful world - I cannot understand the attraction of boring black!

    Hmmm, the ability to access external USB hard drives - now THAT certainly *****ed up my ears! will research that angle for certain! Thanks for that info!

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    If you have a HP 620LX then you'll have no problems jumping on to the Treo Pro bandwagon - I have a 620LX myself and it's where I came from as well!

    I still have the 620; it's packed away and unused pretty much for the past 8 years. When you get the Treo Pro, like I did less than three short weeks ago, it'll all seem completely familiar to you. Very little learning curve will be required.

    So IMHO just go with the Treo Pro, you're already up to WinMo levels and it won't seem any different.

    Regarding the color issue: you'll need to protect the device anyway so just make sure you pick up a Seidio Innocase II

    The Treo Pro looks and feels fantastic in the case and you have color choices. I have the burgundy one and it not only looks great but even gets compliments; it's a really nice, rich "wine" color.
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    I second DinoSnake's input. I also have a Seidio Innocase II... black of course because that's how much I value fashion in my life

    The Treo's reception is very good. I had an ATT Tilt that I had troubles with reception in certain areas, part because of ATT craptacular network but part also the phone's reception. With my Pro I have not had any connectivity issues in my regular places of work and at home.
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    Thanks all for your input.... I think I'll end up jumping across to the Treo Pro. I'm liking the idea of the faster processor, larger memory and the ability to utilize a 32GB card!

    This forum is great for getting solid info!
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    Great! I really think you're going to like the Treo Pro.

    You know, I was just thinking and why I'm posting this: I used an LG Phenom then went to the 620LX. Even though the 620LX was "modern" for it's time, every time I used it I wished that it was both more powerful (more RAM, faster processor, better response) yet more convenient as well. I just realized that I really like the Treo Pro's everything I asked for, a WinCE/WinMo device that was both more powerful than the 620LX (not even a contest) yet more convenient (shirt pocket size - no more carrying around a gun case for protection containing the 620LX!).

    Coming from WinCE 2 & 2.1 devices, you'll find this thing to be AMAZING. If ONLY we had a device like this a decade ago! (hey, if only we had this when I was using TRS-80 Model 102's, amongst things I used much older than that, but that's another story...) She's a real sweetheart and, so far, I haven't been disappointed in the least. Why people badmouth WinMo is beyond me - what, you can't handle a Win98/WinXP-style interface on your stinkin' PHONE? Is that your problem?

    Anyway, tangent.

    I'm sure you'll just LOVE this thing, coming from your background. I really liked my partner's Centro and the Treo Pro does so much more it'll blow you away.

    Now, I assume you are getting the Treo Pro through Sprint? If so I recommend getting to start:

    - Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta 1 and Skyfire. What ever you do, STAY AWAY from Opera Mobile 10 Beta - it really sucks IMHO. 10 Beta is not even close to ready for prime time with bugs, usability issues, features oddly removed compared to 9.7 and it doesn't seem to handle degrading connections very well, either.

    - Treo Alert Pro (a MUST with a STP (Sprint Treo Pro)), just wait until you experience the cool reminders!

    - battery & performance CAB

    - IE Toggle 1.2, which allows you to choose the operation of Internet Explorer - new IE6 'mode' or old (and fast) column-justified PIE 'mode'

    Between Opera Mobile, Skyfire and IE Toggle you'll have four "different" browsers to choose from on your phone. Opera Mobile for speed and overall balance, privacy but no Flash support; Skyfire for speed and Flash support but all services through proxy so maybe some privacy issues; IE6 for Flash support and privacy but really slow page loads; and PIE for decent speed, privacy and easy reading of text-intensive sites but only accesses mobile version of web sites.

    - a Today screen weather readout. Treo Alert Pro has it built in, or there are numerous programs that give really nice graphics and additional features, either free of for purchase. I use WeatherBug Direct, for which I can thank hannip for in his Treo Alert Pro post. Small, pretty, really functional and free
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    I know exactly what you mean about wnating more memory on the 620 LX - seems once a gagdet gets utilized - there never is enough memory! And pocketability is why I went to the Palm T3.The Treo Pro looks more and more like the device I'll be able to use and that may keep me happy for some time to come!
    I've "played" with the Treo Pro a number of times at the Sprint Store. I'll admit I'm a creature of habit and moving from the Centro (full palm) to a WM device does rattle me some. - Will look into the programs you've suggested.

    I've tried the Opera on the Centro a few times but never got it to run right - even after loading all the java and iBM files suggested. The couple times Opera DID run I was impressed!

    I've also been running Hi_Launcher on the Centro and just received an email about Hi-Launcher for WM devices! It looks quite promising and much more interactive than the standard WM menu!

    hehe - look at me.... I don't even have the device yet and already I am planning on modifying it!

    Yep - par for the course I guess - who wants a "standard" device?

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    Opera Mobile is a native WinMo app, unlike Opera Mini. Download, install, run and forget - it's that simple. No JVM is required. Installs as smooth as glass

    Also, Opera Mobile is a real browser unlike Opera Mini, which is like Skyfire - Mini and Skyfire go through a proxy server that prepackages your website requests so that the "browser", which in reality functions more as a "interactive media player", can display the "web page" that you requested. But that means that all your data requests - ALL - are being processed by a 'fourth party' (you-Sprint-Opera/Skyfire-web site, rather than you-Sprint-web site (it's more complicated than that, but let's stick to the basics here)).

    I'm not sure about privacy issues there; yet another company keeping track, I'm sure.

    Anyway, Opera Mobile is so smooth that it even defaults to being your system's default browser and reprograms the touchscreen's soft "Internet" access key to open Opera Mobile instead. Most links, like those embedded in email, will then open in Opera Mobile instead of IE. If you want to go back, just open Opera Mobile's Menu and deselect "Set as default browser". Just like your desktop.

    And 'tabs' too! (OK, OK, even though they call it "tabs" there are no "tabs" to be found anywhere on the screen, so in reality you should call them "pages" but that's there term not mine) 3 tabs max, but maybe that's a limitation of our memory as with 3 tabs open I have all of 7MB free During install it imports your IE shortcuts, as well.

    As for playing with a Treo Pro in the Sprint store: was it in their metal holder with cable? If so, just wait until you actually get the device, sans security holder, in your hands. Ooooh There's a reason every one likes keeping to simple black with the Treo Pro - it's smooth, glossy and oh-so-sleek like a Pre. It was almost a shame to hide teh uber sexiness inside the Innocase...almost. Keeping that gorgeous Treo Pro clean of fingerprints (trying and failing) gave me the incentive to keep it in the Innocase.

    Trust me, coming from a 620LX you won't have any problems at all. Between your Win98 and WinXP experience (I'm assuming on these but hope I'm correct) and your WinCE experience, WinMo 6.1 will simply seem like a combination of all three. Most of the system's UI controls of Win98, mated to an overall UI look a Win98/WinXP hybrid, over a system devised from and still keeping a lot of WinCE's base operations.

    It sounds strange but you'll understand it real quick with the WinCE 2.11 experience. The only thing I miss is ActiveSync's Backup function - you know that the new ActiveSync can't back up the entire device configuration to your desktop for future device restores? Strange decision IMHO, that. Sprite Backup says it does the same thing, but to the device itself (get that SDHC card, stat!) I don't know, I'd rather have BOTH - to the SD card AND to the desktop. Call me paranoid but I believe in redundancy.

    At least the SD interface seems like 3 times the speed of the 620LX's CF card interface - using a flash CF in the 620LX was sometimes painful in the wait, right? And we had to use it because the internal memory was so small. The STP has so much internal memory I'm not sure I'll ever top it out; I'm installing all software directly to the device and still have over 200MB free. Put your media on your SD and don't think your internal memory will ever have a problem.

    Look at me, mouthing off. Sorry.
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