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    Yeah - most of my data and media is already on the card, I'll likely go straight to a 32 gb card so I don't have to mess with transferring later.

    I do the same with my laptop - keep my data and media files on an external drive rather than on the machine itself. For the most part I have CD's backing up my video and photo files and so far my text and sperad sheets are also saved on an 8gb flash drive.

    Back ups for the back ups so to speak. !

    Yes, playing with the Treo Pro has all been done tethered to those annoying hold fast contraptions. I suppose my desire to colorize the device can be accomplished through! Ok ok so that's the girl in me coming out.... but I LIKE colorful things!

    My 620LX had the upgraded 32mb memory and I had a 32 MB CF card as well - but even still back then I wanted/needed MORE!

    Funny thing the TreoPro offers MORE RAM as well as a faster processor than my first WIN98 Laptop!

    I'm looking forward to my next paycheck because I'll be adding a TreoPro to mydevice stable!

    I'll miss some of the programs I've grown used to over the past several years of using the PalmT3 and the Treo650 and Treo 680 and Centro: but I'm liking the idea of NOT having to use conversion ware to access my files!

    I'll browse more but is there a comparable extended battery for the Treo Pro like the Centro? I'm currently using the Palm extended battery and of course the necessary rear cover. I've tried to go back to the standard battery - but with all that I do with the Centro through the day the standard battery just doesn't cut it.

    I really wouldn't mind if it "thickens" the Treo Pro - I find that the extended battery door actually offers an easier grip of the Centro.

    Also need to check that the Treo Pro has a lanyard attachment point. Having a wrist strap has saved my Centro more than once!

    Thanks again for your insight!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    No problem

    Seidio has an extended 3200mAh battery with included back - see the Treo Store area of this very web site for details

    Sorry, no lanyard hole The Innocase has a rubberized surface texture but you can't use it with the extended battery; the extended battery's cover has a rubberized texture as well. Hopefully it will be enough for you.
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    yeah the seidio battery and back looks like the one for me! Hmmm, disappointing on the lanyard point. Will need to check out cases I guess too. But aomething I'm wondering about. I've been all over the place on the net perusing Treo Pro searches and something crops up which perplexes me - the processor speed! Some places say it has a 528 and others say it has a 400 mhz processor - I'm thinking I see more of the 528 mhz speeds listed as Sprint carrier - IS there a difference in processor speeds with the different carriers?

    Also I was sure I saw somewhere that the treo Pro can read up to 32GB micro cards, but the PDF on Sprint indicates only 8GB - is that one of those situations where the device only can read UP to 8gb, but still can find and use beyond that? Like several folks are using a 12 or 16 GB card in their Centro but the device still only says it has a 4gb card installed?

    I know - questions from the new kid - probably are all redundant...

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Regarding the CPU speed: yep, it's both and a question of model transmission type. The GSM model uses a 400mHz processor, the CDMA (Sprint) model uses the 528mHz. Memory capacity is different, as well.

    Palm's official rating for the SDHC slot is 32GB, but I've read one report that 100% compatibility with every 32GB card isn't guaranteed - YMMV. The report said a few 32GB cards have problems but when it works, it works as expected with full system operations and proper file system reporting. I was thinking about a 32GB card but then realized I really didn't need it considering both the cost/benefit ratio and typical 32GB Class speed rating (low), so I went with a 8GB Class 6 card.
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    Oh, update:

    I just discovered that you can indeed to a full backup to the PC - Sprite Backup as a PC Connect option that will do so. The only thing is that it requires the "Sprite Backup Manager" which you seemingly can download from Sprite's website. However, the download link is currently broken.

    I posted on their help forums so hopefully that issue will be fixed. I'll report back on how well the Sprite PC backup system works then.
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