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    Hi guys, wondering anyone could show me a step-by-step way to transfer any file from PC to TP using bluetooth. I used to be able to do so with my old HTC phone, with which I can set up a FTP transfer folder in the Bluetooth neighbors window. Can't figure out how to get it done with my new TP.

    Is someone get it to working, please shed me some light on this. Thanks!
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    Google:htc Bluetooth ftp
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    i was able to set up active sync to use bluetooth connection. it was a little bit of a pain. you have to open a port somehow and then you can link it to the computer view bluetooth and send files just as if you were hooked with a cord in active sync. i followed the directions in active sync help. it took a few tries i think but it worked. then i was even able to sync the my gf's palm OS centro by using their regular link software i forget what its called

    just use active sync and follow their bluetooth directions. unless youre on some system that doesnt have active sync then i am not sure. i have the azio bluetooth dongle on windows xp and installed drivers with the mini cd that came with it.

    Microsoft ActiveSync Help

    Step 1 Set up a Bluetooth COM portYou can follow these steps on the PC only if you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later. Otherwise, you must use separately obtained Bluetooth software drivers, and use the instructions that come with that software to set up Bluetooth connections.

    To set up a Bluetooth connection, do the following:

    Open the Bluetooth Devices Control Panel.
    On the Options tab, select Turn discovery on and Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer.
    On the COM Ports tab, click Add.
    Select Incoming (device initiates the connection) and click OK.
    Note the number of the COM port that was added. The COM port number must be no higher than 20.
    Click OK to close the Bluetooth Devices Control Panel.

    Step 2 Set up ActiveSync to use the Bluetooth COM portIn ActiveSync on the PC, on the File menu, click Connection Settings.
    Select Allow connections to one of the following.
    Choose the COM Port with the number you noted in Step 1 Set up a Bluetooth COM port.
    Click OK.

    Step 3 Start Bluetooth sync from your deviceIn ActiveSync on the device, tap Menu, then tap Connect via Bluetooth.
    Note Media (music and videos) can be synchronized only by using a cable or cradle connection.
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    Yes, activesync is a good option.

    If you're actually using MS STACK for bluetooth, all you need to is to select BLUETOOTH under ALLOW CONNECTIONS TO ONE OF THE FOLLOWING inside the connection settings for activeync and that should work.

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