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    Something really strange with the Sprint Treo Pro. I just found out that STP cannot send SMS to any China Mobile's phone. I have 4 Sprint lines in my account, every other phone can send/receive SMS to China Mobile numbers w/o any problem, but my STP can only receive, but never send (by that I mean after I sent the message, the other party never got it, nor did I get any error message on my side).

    I reported to Sprint, they opened a ticket, traced all the failed SMS, and confirmed that indeed the messages never went through. They couldn't figure out why and began to think it was something on China Mobile's side.

    Just to be thorough, I did an ESN swap, re-activated my old Samsung A920, and sent a test message again. What do you know, it went through immediately. Changed back to STP, same failure.

    With that, I reported to the Sprint tech support. They were very helpful. They found an STP and tried sending to the same number, same result. They then found an Samsung A920, sure enough, the SMS went through. They exactly duplicated my result.

    So it was not my STP, it was all STP that cannot send SMS to China Mobile.

    Add to the mystery is that I have no problem whatsoever sending SMS to any US mobile phones. Isn't that curious.

    The ticket is still open. Sprint tech support recognizes that the problem is with the STP.

    I also sent SMS to different China Mobile numbers whose users use different phones, same result. So it has nothing to do with the phone of the China Mobile user.

    I wonder if anyone here has any experience with int'l SMS to phones of other countries.

    I will keep everyone posted on the outcome.
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    I have no folks or foes in China but i SMS to several countries on 3 continents and they all go through fine. Sprint Treo Pro here.
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