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    I am trying to get the volume in Sprint Navigation a little louder. I increased the volume on my Treo 800w phone to the highest setting and I still have trouble hearing the directions. I can't find an earpiece with a cord that I can use with this phone that stays in my ear and I can't get a bluetooth earpiece to work with Sprint Navigation. I guess that this does not leave me with many options. Any suggestions?
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    I use my bluetooth headset with Sprint Navigation every day. I don't know what kind you're using but I'm using the Jabra BT8010 and I have to set it to wireless stereo in the bluetooth settings to get the nav directions through it. It's plenty loud that way.

    If I don't have my headset with me, I have to turn the phone upside down to hear the directions. I don't look at the screen anyway.
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    Thanks for the information. I was using a Plantronics Explorer 230, but I am going to look for another Bluetooth headset (like yours) if I can't get this one to work. I am glad to hear that I can get Sprint Navigation sound through the headset. The Treo 800w can do a lot if you can set it up correctly.
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    You might want to try the wireless stereo setting even if your headset isn't stereo.
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    Where is the "wireless stereo" setting? Will it allow streaming music over the Bluetooth headset?
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    Yeah. I use the Sprint Navigation when I forget my Garmin. It actually works great and entering the address with voice works well too. The only downside is the speaker volume. I leave the phone sitting upright in the cup holder pointing in my direction and I can hear it if I turn off the radio. I have not tried using it with the Bluetooth on my Garmin Nuvi 360. But if it did work, it would defeat the purpose if I already had the GPS running!

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