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    Hi guys, reporting in the forums with yet another very annoying problem I have with my Pro.

    I have a regular IMAP email account set up in my Outlook mobile and I configured it to check for emails every hour. I do get email notifications every now and then but they are definitely not happening every hour.

    But that's not the problem. The problem is that whenever I place a phone call or I answer an incoming one, the phone will give me the chirps/rings indicating that I have new mail! Apparently Outlook is literally waiting until the phone is active to go fetch new mail and if in fact there's new mail waiting I get the notifications. This is becoming annoying since, well, I am in the middle of starting/anwsering a freakin' call and the voice of the caller gets masked by (and my ear chewed on by) the new mail bings.

    Has anyone noticed this problem before? any pointers as to how to solve it? Yes, I am aware I could disable the notifications in the sounds and notifications settings but perhaps there's also another way?
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    I have the same problem and haven't found a way to fix it.
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