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    After install Pocket Plus, when i press the up direction in the central boton goes to left, and pressing left/right the cursor goes up/down...

    I uninstalled pocket plus but that error stay...
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    I ran into the same problem, not sure which software caused. If it's Spb pocket plus, that might be it since I installed it too.

    It's too much to take SPB pocket plus away from me so I figured out a trick you may try:

    Install AE Button Plus

    Bind the direction buttons the other way. e.g. Up to be left, left to be down...right to be.... I don't remember the sequence, you can try figure out yourself..

    Then things back to normal.... yay.

    P.S. This is an alternative way to solve the problem, if someone really knows how to correct it without re-mapping. I would love to hear.

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