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    Hey guys, freat site, ive found it very helpful but now ive run into this problem. Ive spent hours downloading files and installing them on my phone. Ive tried Orb, TCPMP, and even tried to install a youtube app on my 700w. Nothing worked... Orb wouldnt even install on my phone i kept getting a "this is not ppc file" or something like that. TCPMP kept giving me some "rtsp protocol" error. and the youtube app wouldnt even download... I know by now my phone is a bit outdated and most fix threads are from 06-07 some go out to 2008. This is my first WinMo phone and i love it, i just want to be able to watch vids!!! any help?

    Next problem
    I cant seem to send or dowload MMS... I get MMS but when i go to open them it says I cant download it, theres no service available.

    any help with that?

    One thing that im really afraid of being a problem. Its a Metro PCS flashed phone, I bought it from ebay and it was refurbished (previously a Verizon phone) then I had a local guy flash it for me. He did talk/text/web, but not MMS. Can anyone help me here? I tried to work around it myself, but failed. Im a noob and this is my first windows mobile phone.

    If anyone has any imput id appreaciate it! THANKS!
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    26 views and no help ?

    I download ArcSoft for my MMS dilemma, some people have made it work but im getting no detailed help.

    1) I installed the CAB for ArcSoft...
    2) I installed it
    3) went o my messaging, and noticed a new category where MMS, text, Outlook messaging are.
    4) the new category is MMS1.
    5) im sure theres settings for me to configure but i cant find any help, i tried going to the servers but theres only one (verizon wireless) and it doesnt let me create a new one.

    anyone have any help for me?

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