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    Anyone knows how to make Google Sync works on Treo Pro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    Anyone knows how to make Google Sync works on Treo Pro?

    just google for 'google sync' and the first hit will lead you to instructions how to set up the sync functions...


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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    Isnt so simple.

    Im asking here cause i followed these instructions and doesnt works.

    please let us know error messages or similar
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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    First, thanks for your attention!

    I configure just like the tutorial and when they try to sync, the sync log shows me:

    "The server you are synchronizing with is not an Exchange server, or is running incompatible software..."

    I think thats incompatible with our Treo Pro.

    Works with anyone?
    you're welcome

    I have a German Treo Pro (UMTS) and Google Sync works very well on the Pro in Germany!

    One thing I discovered during set up is: you can sync contacts & calendar only, no tasks. Regarding calendar sync: nowhere it is mentioned that you will have to create a calendar in your Google account first!

    Please give it a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    Coincidentally I had just discovered that.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Great! Glad to read!

    So, your Pro is syncing without probs now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    Another question:

    How did you use the 'Gmail push technology'?

    Need i enable what? Microsoft direct push?

    Sorry for the delayed response

    I do not use the Push function, I have set the sync interval to 'manual' because it's too expensive for me to be always online (I use prepaid tariff).

    For my Google E-Mail I use IMAP on my Pro but it is set to get the mails manually (interval), due to costs.

    Costs are one reason not to use the (automatic) Push, another reason is: I do not feel the need/urge to be reachable all the time, simply I do not want to be reachable all the time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by felipemadox View Post
    No problem, I probably would not use too, I just wanted to know how it works

    This service seems to spend a lot of battery, and as we know the Treo's battery is not very good
    Yeah, battery isn't the best but I can live with...

    My Treo Pro is actually my favorite music playing device at the moment, therefore it is hooked to the wall charger very often...

    Next thing I plan to buy is an eBook Reader, preferrably the Sony PRS-505. Ebook reading on the Treo is quite like "pain in the a..". I tried video playing, too, with TCPMP. Well, the Treo plays the files very smooth, but screen is way too small.

    However, I recommend playing around with all that, so that you discover what you're able to do with your Pro and things to better keep your fingers off...

    I think the Pro is the best smartphone I ever had. My mom uses a Treo 750 (WM6) and she is happy with Palm, too.

    Have fun with your Pro!

    Best regards,

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    I had it working until late yesterday morning. Now I get "The server could not be reached. This can be caused by temporary network conditions. Support code: 0x85010005".
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    I have been having some conflicts & duplications on my iPaq 910c's google sync using the EAS protocol, the push works, but then again, new emails don't fall into 'inbox', but go directly to the 'all mail' folder.
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    It appears to be working again for me.
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    does the task sync work yet for google?

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