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    Hi All,

    This is my first post on the forum

    We use Palm Treo devices here at work, i have a question about the adding recipients option after creating a new email.

    If you go through the menu you can ad a recipient from device or company directory.

    Is there a way to have both directories available on the autocomplete "To" line without having to navigate through the menus to get a recpient from either directory. Having this enabled would save a lot of time, consistantly users are adding other users from the company directory even if they have already sent them 10 emails in that day.

    It is an excahnge environment that the directory sits in (Global Address Book)


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    Hi Guys,

    Was wondering whether anyone had any ideas on the contacts issue with the phones, there appears to be nothing on Google or in other forums that i look through, was hoping you guys could shed some light.


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    Hi I dont quite get your problem. I tried going to outlook on my GSM unit and whenever I add a contact it automatically works for the autocomplete. With the GSM I can add contact to Outlook or to my SIM but which ever I put it on to it still works.

    This directory thing your talking about, could you please clarify perhaps i could help but im also interested since my unit doesnt seem to have it.
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    Hi John,

    The user might browse through the phone to the company directory (Outlook,New Email,Add recipient, Company directory) and select a user e.g. 'someone somewhere' then email to that name. They will send another email later on and autocomplete will not pick up that 'someone somewhere' name, i suspect as it is in the company directory.

    The question is how can autocomplete resolve to both the phone contacts and the directory contacts on a Palm Treo Pro.


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    Oh yes! I know your problem now. Actually I have not heard of any fixes at all for this problem. However on the Iphone it was possible to make autocomplete work for GAL.

    Untill this problem becomes something many users are complaining about Im not sure how long untill a fix, patch or add-in will be made.

    This person I believe has the same problem as you but as usual nobody has helped him out.
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    I wonder if another email app might work, something like flexmail?
    Just call me Berd.

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