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    I was using a very old Esmertec version and recently I upgraded to the newest 20090506.2.1 version. Anyone else using this? Any problems? Opera Mini 4.2 doesn't seem to work for me but Opera Mini 5 does. Also having problem with the gmail app installer. One nice thing is this comes pre-installed with all the root hints.

    Esmertec Jbed 20090506.2.1 ,20090416.5.1 ,20090217.5.1 , 20081203.2.1 , and more - xda-developers
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    FYI - all of the versions other than the original CloudyFA and seem to hang in Opera Mobile 4.2 though Opera Mobile 5 is fine even in the newest release. I am going to use 20080428.2.1 since it's newer until Opera Mobile 5 is released (looks promising just needs button friendly d-pad support). Also I am having a heck of a time getting Gmail 2.0.6 loaded.

    Nice thing about these releases is that they seem to recognize root CA certs ('Menu > Certificates') under Java Midlet Manager.

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