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    Seems that will make the phone large as my 700wx. lol

    I saw an iphone earlier today that had a similar case, it had a cracked screen. Not sure how the lady managed that...
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    That's the whole point!

    It's my belief that the smaller and lighter a cellphone is, it will be that much easier to loose or get stolen.

    Plus, the case just looks so cool...
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    Ordered yesterday and waiting. when it comes maybe I'll video record.
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    Ouch! That's pretty expensive.
    Here's the one I started with, $6
    DRM Palm Treo Pro 850 Skin Case Black
    and now I'm naked
    I like how thin the Treo Pro is.

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    Just call me Berd.
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    Any updates?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittster View Post
    Ordered yesterday and waiting.
    Didja get it? Do you like it?
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    Had it for about 2 weeks now and the protection is incomparable. It adds bulk no question. If you have to do a manual reset its a headache. Besides that it is excellent but i would really prefer the Commuter Series,
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    ive got one and i love it!!!! it adds a little bulkyness to the phone but what case dosent. its makes the phone over all 1/4 inch wider if that and same with length...

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