I and my wife have Treo Pro's. We were using separate Outlook profiles for desktop synchronization. Some time ago her phone started showing strange error messages related to the phone app crashing, so I decided to do a complete reset of her phone and restore it from backup (using SBP Backup).

But when I plugged her Treo to the computer after the reset, the Active Sync software did not ask me which Outlook profile to use. It also did not use her profile. It simply automatically attached my profile. As a result, it synchronized all my phonebook entries back to her phone.

The trouble is now, we often had the same entries on both our phones. What happened is that now all these entries are duplicated on the phone. Somehow Active Sync did not detect they are the same, and simply created copies of everything.

It is a bit annoying when browsing the phone book and going through all these duplicates, plus it's troublesome when any update is needed. Is there any way to automatically delete these duplicates, or do I need to do it manually?