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    Hello everyone!
    Koolcdj69 here, bringer of Manila 2D in one cab, coming to show a new app that I've recently ported.
    It is sequel to manila 2d! Which is Manila 2D 2.0 (some range with that name lol)
    Well, yeah its been out there for real qvga devices for a while now, but since the wm6.5 custom roms Ive been able to install it and try my hand at porting it.

    Well Ive been "successful" but I still have a bit to go. Ive got almost everything repositioned cept I have to make a few major changes in the xml.

    Just wanna show everyone how it looks right now for the Treo Pro on wm6.5.
    Also if anyone would LIKE to help me change the xml then feel free to do so.

    HOWEVER, the following downloads are for developers and hackers ONLY. And that is to either to help me change the xml or something in that manner as with schoolwork I have not found the time to do all the changes myself which i could do but sadly time is a factor.

    Iwill release the final version of it ported here and will try it in one cab.


    This is basically a prettied up version of Manila 2D, but also it is the only version of Manila 2D that will work for wm6.5.
    Differences from M2D
    -Dialing from homescreen on key board works
    -Plugin for Facebook
    -Plugin for Youtube
    more to be told.....

    Hence, when I am done with this project I will ALSO be working on porting the version for GSM Treo Pros so as to not leave out our bretheren.

    I will be devoting all my time and effort to this so a donation would be greatly appreciated, but never mandatory.



    Unzip and install the cabs in
    And copy the xml and graphics in to your windows directory.

    And your good to go.

    Click Here to Donate!

    All Donations Are Greatly Appreciated!
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    Very Cool! Thanks for working on this. Manila is about the only reason I would like to see the GSM Treo Pro Unlocked for custom roms. Dumping all those files in the windows directory, really slows things down!

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