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    Hi, I've just been through the long process of installing the SMS threading hack, which seemed to be successful, but I decided that I didn't want it, so I deleted it, phone basically froze so I had to hard reset, and I've been installing all my programs back to pre-threading install.

    The main reason I wanted the threading app in the first place was to be able to type over 160 chars, and have it split the txt automatically. There's got to be a way to do it. I had given up untill...

    I hit the return key on accident, and it said (2messages 159/320) but I can't type. Also, hitting return if you're at 160/160 doesn't do anything. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I found this thread but I don't have the mentioned registry value in my varnish/messaging/sms folder, actually the messaging/sms folder doesn't even exist. also, the link outside of TC doesn't work, mentioned in post #3 I tried making the folders and value in the varnish, but it didn't do anything.

    It's got to be able to be done though... when you hit enter/return, it says xxx/320 (2 messages) but I can't type. I know I'm repeating myself, but grrr, gotta be possible.

    can't post the link due to low post count. sorry.
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    Am I the only one whose poutlook program hints at multi-messaging? Anybody else try it? Hit enter at less then 158 or 159 characters.
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    yup..I tried it..mine does the same thing but no clue how to get it to let you keep typing and split it automatically. Nice idea though if someone can figure it out. Seems like it must be an option if hitting enter at 159 causes that to happen...Betty
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    Thank for confirming, gotta be possible. It seems that for whatever reason the functionality was locked.
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    Problem solved. I happened upon this little program called 'SMS Tweaker' it did just what I wanted, which is remove the limit at 160 chars, now it goes into message 2 without a hitch. supposedly there is some type of 'threaded' functionality, however I haven't had the chance to see it working. the link follows.">Download SMS Tweaker v1.0

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