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    My TP sometimes rings for no apparent reason. Anyone else have this problem?

    Note that the screen is still black with the screen saver and there are no missed calls in the phone call list. Nothing visual is going on, it just rings 4 times and stops. This happens multiple times per day sometimes, all at random times.

    When it starts to rings, I turn the screen on to see what might be happending, and I have noticed that the arrows by "EV" are solid white, so maybe some sort of data transfer made the phone think there was a call. But the web browser was not running and the screen was off.
    If I don't touch it at all it still does the 4 rings and stops. The screen never comes on.

    I don't really have any special software installed except WMwifirouter. Everything else is stock. Well, I did try the ringer update from Palm yesterday, but that was an official patch or whatever. I have never done any regedits or anything like that.
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    There are a lot of people that have trouble getting their phone to ring.
    Maybe you are getting all their rings.
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    check all of your settings in "sounds & notifications", maybe one is set to use ringer, like the sound for disconnect from the network for example.
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    jimh2000, you are the man. That was it.
    Connect to the Network was set to Treo, which is the standard ringer. I don't remember even looking at that area before so I don't know how it got changed, but it's fixed now.

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