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    Okay so Ive got multiple questions, and I know that if I start multiple threads people are going to get mad at me, so hopefully someone on this board could be kind enouph to answer them for me. Im not very computer literate, and it seems that you really have to be with this phone.

    Okay so first of all, I need to know how to install programs such as facebook mobile and mocean on the phone, ive tried downloading to the phone directly but that doesnt work, and then i downloaded them to the computer and tried to drag drop it into the syncronization box but that seemed futile as well.

    My second question is why is it that even though i have the wifi setting as always on, and since the wifi on my house requires no security, does the phone tell me i cant connect, even though it also says its avaliable. And then when it is connected i get frequent notices about other secured lines that i have no password for, asking me if i want to use them, and i dismiss the notice with the option to never tell me this again, but it comes back.

    Question three; kind of a question relating to question two, why is it that internet loading is slower on this phone than with any other ive had without wifi.

    Question four, what is it that with no programs running, im told that 58% of programs are running.

    Question five, and this isnt really as important as the other ones, but while im at it, how do i make a playlist for my music?

    I think that covers most of whats been festering in my mind in the two days ive had the phone, im sure I have more but im gonna have to write them down as they come along.

    And I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to actually read this, I know its long.
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    question 1 - copy the .CAB file directly to the phone or double click on the pc with your phone tethered.

    question 2 - go to WiFi settings and boost you power to performance (all the way left) then you'll connect. (Side note: add security to you home network.)

    question 3 - I don't know

    question 4 - it's a memory leak. No big deal - plenty of post the explain it. Do a search.

    question 5 - I haven't done that. Sorry.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just to add and fill in for the above

    1. Once the .cab file is on your phone, open it by highlighting it and pushing the center button or double tapping it (find it in file explorer). The cab will open and install the program. Of course, be sure they're WM programs and not PalmOS.

    2. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, secure your network. Then you'll have to set up your phone for the new security. If you're not very computer literate, try searching the boards for detailed instructions or consult your ISP or provider's customer service.

    3. If you do live in the middle of nowhere, or are in a low signal area, the internet can be slow. Once you have your wifi set up, that shouldn't be a problem. Also the default browser is slower on this phone than the older version of PIE. Search the boards, there is a cab you can use to toggle between the two browsers to see if it helps. Search IE6 PIE toggle (someone smarter than I may post a link to the thread). That may help too.

    4. If you're referring to the 58% you see when you tap the task manager icon in the corner, I believe that is fairly normal. Just the phone using memory to exist.

    5. For Windows Media Player, access your music library, highlight the song you want to be on the playlist, click menu and then click queue up. Keep doing this with each song you want on the playlist (or artist) then close your library. On the Windows Media screen, click Now Playing in the lower left corner, click menu, then save playlist. Name it what you want and there you go.

    And just keep reading these boards, it seems daunting at first, but the phone can be fun once you figure it out.

    Good luck.

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