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    What are the differences between these two products, and does one have any benefit over the another if I want to protect treo pro from scratches, fall impact, and other bumps during the day while keepings its thinness and "beauty" appeal?
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    I went with Case-Mate skin. I just like the OEM look.
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    The Innocase II is very nice. I use it for work as it fits in a palm side pouch. It feels more secure in my hand and I'm less likely to drop it.
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    I have both...but the Innocase, is well worth the price. The fit, form and feel is quite nice. I dont really flinch when i drop my phone. And it stays in the holster, which keeps it from dropping, but the times i dropped it out my hands, the phone is fine.

    And it fits in the case with the SKin on it. I like/liked the skin too, it still on, but over time dirt gets under and i cant stand that.

    Took the front skin off and my screen just looks so much more clean, clear and vibrant. Its never 10000% transparent
    (I have case-mate's clear armour btw)

    both good, but apples and oranges really.

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