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    I have a Major Issue on my Palm Pro With Multiple entries...I can't Sync with ActiveSync as this causes to Lock up my computer...

    Is there a Program that I can Run __Directly__ on the phone itself to rid of the duplicate entries....Datebook...Calendar...Contacts

    Ugh...So Fustrating..

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    Drunk Driver: Officer, have you been eating donuts, your eyes are glazed?
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    SKTools features
    # Find and manage duplicate appointments
    # Find and manage duplicate tasks
    # Find and manage duplicate contacts
    Just call me Berd.
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    I had some 'dead' categories in my Calendar, so I tried to find a solution for getting rid of them.

    You may try 'PocketOutlook Eraser', just google for it, because I have to few posts to provide a link.

    It can delete appointments, contacts and tasks.

    It worked perfectly on my German Treo Pro. Now I can sync with Google without problems!

    Best regards,

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    Will give that a try. I trid the SKTools but I have some calendar items that occur at the same time daily and it didn't like filtering them out...I Will have to play with this a little more but still open to suggestions..


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