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    I installed the new Opera Mini 5 Beta on my Treo Pro via the Esmertec Jbed java and the d-pad does not function. Opera mini 4.2 works just fine with d-pad but not version 5.

    Mini 5 beta only works on my Pro via the touch screen. Any clues anyone?
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    I am having many issues with Beta 5.0. No Sync, Settings are buried in one of the tabs, Slow rendering pages and more. On the Treo no D pad, on the BB no Berry button functions. I'm deleting it. Its crap, I'll wait for final release.
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    For me, it is not crap. Font rendering at last is readable. It is quicker than Bolt and it loads really quick, quicker than 4.2

    It is a pain to just use the touchpad, but I know it is a beta version and things will improve. But finally they got the font rendering right.

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    I'm very disappointed at how touch-oriented OM5 is (albeit in beta).

    I was just hoping for was a multi-tabbed OM4.
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    I don't have a problem with how "touch-oriented" it is. It's only normal that they made it like that, since almost all phones these days and in the near future are "touch" phones without physical keyboard or d-pads. But they should make it (hopefully in later releases) possible to ALSO work with D-Pads along with the touch thing. Because other than that it is a great browser, much better than OM4 in my opinion.

    BTW, I ended up uninstalling it because of this no-d-pad issue. Touch-only apps are not very funny to deal with on the Treo Pro. If they decide to "enable" d-pads in future versions, I will gladly install and use it again.
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