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    It's always nice when google acknowledges WM's existence
    Here's an update on the Google Mobile App:

    My Location.
    Get local results without typing your location. Once you see the blue My Location dot with your current location below the search box, simply search for a local query, for example "italian restaurant", and the search results will contain local business results along with web results.

    To protect your privacy, location is encrypted when sent to the server, and only your most recent location is stored so that successive searches can use the same location. You can disable My Location at any time in the "Advanced Options" screen.

    Google Suggest.
    Reduce typing time by selecting suggestions to complete your queries. You will also see URL suggestions, which bring you directly to a web page, skipping the search results page entirely. Try typing "facebook" to see this kind of suggestion.

    Search with Maps.
    If you have installed Google Maps, type a local query and wait for suggestions. Select the suggestion with the red pin next to it to launch your search inside Google Maps.
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    Yeah, while the icons are still needlessly huge, they are least the right resolution now i.e. not blocky.

    My location for me is about 60-80miles off, so not so hot there.

    If running WM6.5, the plugin is useless (pretty useless anyways). Just assign it to a hardware button for a quick "pop up" search--that is pretty cool.

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    I installed this when it first came out and correctly shows the area. I just reinstalled it for kicks and get the same results and yes, the mapping function is useless. I do like the general Google search though. I prefer using Google Maps for searching, The current release for the map CAB is 3.2.1. #12

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