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    My STP has recently started to not ring on incoming calls. Also, the vibration is just one long steady vibration. I have tried changing the ringtone but it didn't help. I've tried a soft reset but I'm holding off doing a hard reset. Anybody have any ideas?
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    I have a GSM Pro with a similar problem. I have seen a few folks mention the no-ring problem and apparently it boils down to an unsolvable problem. Your best bet is to go to the Sprint store and talk to their reps. If they are able to replicate the problem in there they will give you another unit (possibly refurbished) but as far as software/CAB fixes, nothing is out there. Believe me I have searched for this far and long and nothing is available.
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    I've had a similar experience and discovered that the ringer switch was only working intermittently. After flipping it back and forth a couple of times I got it to do what it was supposed to.

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