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    I'm new to WINMO, and have had some issues with activesync. some searching on here tells me that some people have had problems with it as well, but here is my issue...I don't need to sync calanders/contacts. I only want to use my data cable to install ringtones and apps, and would prefer not to do it via wifi (I just feel like I can have a better handle on what's going on if I can see it). is there a third party program that would help me with this sole task, like palm's old desktop manager?
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    You can put the .cab file on the SD card and run it from the phone. I do that all the time with my Treo Pro (I keep all of my installed apps on the SD card in a file just for back up). This will not work if the app only has a .exe that needs to be run from a PC.

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    wonderful. thanks so much!
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