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    Hey Guys,

    First off, I not affiliated with the developer of this program-- just stoked when apps work perfectly on our 'odd sized' 320x320 screens.

    If you haven't heard of iDialer, it's made for, or most useful to me, with Google Voice.
    I've been following all of the Google Voice apps for Windows Mobile (all 3 or 4 decent ones) and I always uninstall them, reverting back to this one. I've installed OneDialer and GVDialer (as well as several calling card apps) and this is the most reasonable so far.. and it's free. I finally made my donation today-- this guy makes good stuff.

    So, the best part is that it's super light weight and really fast (compared to the rest). I've been giving ppl my google voice number more and more lately because now I can easily call them from my google number. The UI is basically the iphone dialer, but it really works well.

    I use it with with 2 other small programs by this developer: iContact and Greenbutton. iContact integrates seamlessly with iDialer and GreenButton will run any program using your phone's.. green button. Sometimes, green button doesn't play nice with SPB MobShell, but it still works well.
    iAvatar is pretty cool too.

    Check it out if you need a google voice solution for winmo (since ol google is holding out on us).

    Here's links for the info on each of the attached cabs:

    iDialer -
    Avatar -

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