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    Quote Originally Posted by ShuckyD View Post
    Malatesta how hard would it be to make the ROM for the Unlocked GSM version as well? Is it a total overhaul or something simple to do?
    I could probably do it. Need to look at the GSM kitchen (I assume there is one).

    Of course the downside is I can't flash it, so will need tester to do it for me. The upside is if I just follow my CDMA kitchen, it should be pretty much the same.

    Plus, it's is nearly impossible to brick these devices. A bad flash just means you re-flash with a working ROM, either via USB or storage card. Only way to brick it is to overwrite the firmware and ROMs don't do that.

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    is there a way to disable the auto key lock so i can use s2u2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post

    Got my Sprint Treo Pro up and running again (bad flash nearly killed it, sniff).

    Since the last time here, I've become very proficient in ROM making for the TP2, which is helpful because man...there's a dearth of cool ROMs here, lol.

    Going to try and make 2 custom CDMA ones this week:
    • WM6.5 build 21884 (going to bump to 21889 when I can)
    • WM6.5.3 build 23518 w/threaded email

    The first is a December '09 build and the 2nd is a January '10, making them quite the latest from Microsoft, unlike the current ancient builds floating around here.

    I already have both versions up and running. I'm now doing my traditional optimizations, which will make them extremely fast and memory efficient, with all the tweaks built right in.

    I'll also try to have a few custom .tsks for effect, maybe some sounds, etc. Though to be honest, "customizing" the Treo Pro leaves very little wiggle room since there isn't much out there. It'll have the latest MyPhone and other apps too, so you won't have to update them.

    I also won't be doing the 96dpi trick as I don't care for how that works.

    Planned changes:
    • Direct3D Driver
    • XIP reduction
    • SYS reduction
    • Update software
    • Compress software
    • SMS-2016 fix
    • Treo ringer fix
    • Latest Voice Command
    • XDA_UC support
    • RAM optimizations for speed
    • Office 10 full (not beta)
    • .NET CF 3.5
    • ?/other things I think of

    I already have the above running too.

    Think of something cool? Let me know and maybe, maybe I'll add it.

    Check back in a few days.
    Any update, Mal? Would like to see what you came up with. Thanks.
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    Have a favor to ask...
    Would anyone who's successfully running WM6.5 on their unlocked GSM Treo Pro kindly upload the following files?

    and any other ROM/system files related to Messaging? Thanks!
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