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    If I pick up a used Treo 750, which has Wince, ergh, WM5.x on it, can that be upgraded to a later version like WM 6.x?

    I didn't see any mention of it as Palm's web site or MS's. Don't know if they consider that a new OS to buy (like Windows in general) or a firmware upgrade to give away. Or even if the phone can handle updated versions.


    (Sorry, I'll be posting in the OS section too, it is one and the same.)
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    I am using a 750 upgraded to 6.1. I bought this from eBay already at 6.1.
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    is the WM 6.1 upgrade available in carrier-specific (and tested) versions? Where can I get one for AT&T ??
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    Palm announced that a while back but you must be the original owner or only allows one donwload per serial number. The download is also available on other web sites.
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    Yeah, Iam owing Treo 750 that works great, no problem. I like it.

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