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    Please Treo Pro and TC community helps us treo pro owners with this eternal vibration issue. Is there something in specific, like a registry key that could edit the intervals at which the vibration takes effect?

    I have search & searched thru the registry & I just can't find anything, please help?
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    so, you mean a scheduler for the vibe switch? to enable vibrate only at certain times?
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    No, when the phone is put into vibration mode, instead of vibrating (in coming call) into burst of like every 0.5 seconds, it remains vibrating 'eternally' for the duration of an incoming call. Annoying OMG.
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    okay, i'm with ya now...yes, that would be a great fix...
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    OK so at the end of this week..... I did not have the vibration problem at all! I didn't have to do a soft reset due to this problem.

    So, I will see what happens next week. But I really think that there is a problem related to my appointments/tasks with the reminders.

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