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    Okay I am finally at my end and could REALLY use some help.I have an extened battery which fully charges and lasts for a day or so. The problem is that after about an hour the battery indicator reads it as being drained so I keep getting the critical warnings like im going to loose data etc and I can't get it to recognize that the battery really is fine! I have looked everywere online and in the forums and I have even done a chat session with Palm. I have hard reset the Pro etc etc. and even had replacement batterys ... is there not some way to get the battery indicator to read the extended battery properly?
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    Whose battery & what mah. Sometimes, lately, I seem to get more drain on my Seidio 3600mah, mostly in the evening. I have been playing with my gps stuff more lately. So, perhaps when I'm inside, it's using up battery trying to lock on a signal at times I really don't need or use gps software.
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    im using the 2400 mAh Cameron Sino
    have wifi and bluetooth off and im in areas were I am not roaming and were my stock battery lasts 2 times loner. Like I say the battery itself isnot draining as fast as the meter thinks it is. Thebttery will last 9 solid hours of uninterupted movies andall settings on it. I tested it oneday when I thought..wha wouldhappen if I ignored the phone warningsandjust let it keep going. so the battery is good. just can't get the phones battery meter to readit right
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    Quote Originally Posted by elistone View Post
    im using the 2400 mAh Cameron Sino
    I do recall seeing that name in a thread related to your issue, but I don't recall if it was a brand that doesn't usually have that issue or if it's one that does.

    There is a combination of two things I can suggest that might help. One is to drain the battery as much as possible, then charge it back to full capacity in an external charger. The second is to run your phone on the regular battery for a day or two. The latter may reset the battery level reading capability, the former may correct any false readings. In any case, the issue is likely to be the battery. So, if those two steps don't help, perhaps Cameron Sino will replace it.
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    Thanks for the help. Although i have tried draining the battery and recharging it i guess doing it again cant hurt. Ill try both and let you know what happens. Thank you for your input!

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